Updated Foundation Fieldbus Segment Design Tool

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The diagnostics available in smart instrumentation can help to improve process efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and more. I received word that a valuable tool, the Foundation Fieldbus Segment Design Tool, has been updated to help in the upfront engineering process.

The tool is specifically designed to provide a general guide for reducing the time required to engineer a Foundation Fieldbus H1 segment and verify its physical and electrical parameters operating with a DeltaV or Ovation system. The tool checks the segment layout using the Foundation Fieldbus rules governing cable lengths, power consumption and proper segment termination. It now supports a variety of Intrinsically Safe concepts, including Entity, FISCO FNICO and High Power Trunk (HPT).

This release, version 5.3.0, has added support for the Windows 7 operating system, support for both simplex and redundant H1 cards of S series with Integrated Power Supply, and numerous field devices from a variety of manufacturers. The Segment Design Tool is compatible with the Windows 2000 / XP / Windows 7 operating systems, but none of the Windows Server platforms.

For more detailed information on the enhancements included in this release, please call-up the readme.rtf file. From this document, here’s list of supported devices added to the tool in this release:

  • 2700FF Coriolis Flow Meter (Micro Motion)
  • 8732F Rosemount Magnetic Flow (Rosemount Inc.)
  • Prosonic Flow 92 Ultrosonic Flow Meter (Endress+Hauser)
  • 700XA Gas Chromatograph (Rosemount Analytical)
  • TopWorx D2-FF Discrete Valve Controller (Topworx Inc)
  • MT5000 Guided Wave Radar (KTEK)
  • 3051S Pressure Transmitter (Rosemount Inc)
  • DLC3020F Fieldbus Level controller/Transmitter (Fisher)
  • Flowserve LX3400MD Actuator (Flowserve)
  • FFX Pressure Transmitter (Dynisco Instruments)
  • Polytron 7000FB Modular fixed intrinsically safe gas detector (Drager)
  • OCX 8800 Oxyzen and Combustible Gas Analyzer (Rosemount Analytical)
  • SITRANS LR250 Pulse Radar Level Transmitter (SITRANS)
  • DY/DYA Vortex Flowmeter (Yokogawa)
  • YPK110 Fieldbus-to-Pneumatic Converter (Yokogawa)
  • IM461052A FF I/O Module 2DI, 2DO (StoneL)
  • IM461054A FF I/O Module 2DI,2DO,1AI,1AO
  • IM465015A FF I/O Module 2DI,2DO,1AI,1AO (Din Rail) (StoneL)
  • IM461087A FF I/O Module 2DI,2 (Relay-Independant) DO,1AI, 1AO (StoneL)
  • IM465022A FF I/O Module 2DI,2 (Relay-Independant) DO,1AI,1AO (Din Rail) (StoneL)
  • IM461088A FF I/O Module 2DI,2 (Relay-Interlocked) DO,1AI,1AO (StoneL)
  • IM465023A FF I/O Module 2DI,2 (Relay-Interlocked) DO,1AI,1AO (Din Rail) (StoneL)
  • 4449 ASCO Controls Valve Controller (ASCO Controls)
  • 1500XA Gas Chromatograph (Rosemount Analytical)
  • Enable Discrete or Analog Foundation Fieldbus Control of EIM DCM Electric Actuator (Microcyber, Inc.)
  • 9413/21-21*-84-FF Digital I/O Coupler (R STALH)
  • ES-FF Electronic 2-wire transmitter ES-FF for converting a pointer position into a digital signal (Heinrichs Messtechnik GmbH)
  • EJX910A (Yokogawa)
  • LB491 Density and Concentration Measurement (Berthold Technologies)
  • LB490 Level Transmitter (Berthold Technologies)
  • LTM 300FF Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter (ISE-Magtech)
  • FDVC6200F Fieldbus Digital Valve Actuator (Fisher)
  • FF700 M700 Module (Mettler Toledo)
  • O2 4100e FF DO FF Transmitter (Mettler Toledo)
  • JRBS-49SC-*R 4,6,8,10,12 Port Device Coupler (Turck/InterlinkBT)
  • JRBS-49TR Fieldbus Terminator (Turck/InterlinkBT)
  • 9412 Series Fieldbus Power Supply Module (R.STAHL Schaltgeraete GmbH)
  • HCD2-FBPS-1.500 Power Supply, 28-30 Volt (Pepperl+Fuchs)
  • HCD2-FBPS-1.23.500 Power Supply, 21-23 Volt (Pepperl+Fuchs)
  • 9378-FT Fieldbus Terminator (MTL Instruments)
  • FS32 Fieldbus Surge Protector (MTL Instruments)
  • DP-LBF-I1.34 Surge Protector (Pepperl+Fuchs)

Use of the tool has an important caveat:

Given that the tool results are based on ideal components, power and layout specification, the tool results only provide a general indication as to the expected performance of the segment; therefore; the PlantWeb Architecture components specifications and installation instructions will always take precedence. Your utilization of the Segment Design Tool will be conditioned upon your acceptance of the Segment Design Tool Software License Agreement.

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