European MID Directive for Custody Transfer Measurement Webinar

by | May 28, 2013 | Measurement Instrumentation

Jim Cahill

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The European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) for Custody Transfer Measuring Instruments applies in all 27 EU-countries (plus Norway and Switzerland). This directive becomes mandatory by October of 2016 for new installations and includes 10 different types of measurement instruments. For liquid applications, the scope of MID refers to the complete installation (called ‘measuring systems for liquids other than water’) and for gas application to the meter only.

European MID Directive for Custody Transfer Measuring Instruments WebinarEmerson’s Arjan van Ginkel, whom we’ve featured in custody transfer and bunker oil-related posts, share with me that he’ll be conducting a June 18 webinar, The New European MID Directive For Custody Transfer Measuring Instruments. The webinar will be held twice—the first time from 10-11am CEST (4am-5am EDT) and 14:00-15:00 CEST (8am-9am EDT). Here’s a link to the registration page.

The objective for this webinar is to help you minimize measurement uncertainties, taxes, and legal issues associated with the European Measurement Instrument Directive. Here is a full description:

MID allows you to combine the benefits of new technologies with proven, certified fiscal and custody transfer applications. By implementing MID to comply to Custody Transfer Regulations, you may also help minimizing measurement uncertainties, taxes, and possibly legal issues.

In this Webinar we will highlight the 4 main benefits you can achieve by understanding and applying these new regulations, and provide some concrete examples of instrumentation upgrade / migration paths. Our scope will concentrate on gas and liquid metering – other than water – and we will cover total MID solutions, compliant instruments, consultancy, project management and training.

As always, you will be able to interact in real time with our expert during and right after the conference.

Arjan will discuss ways to minimize measurement uncertainties, taxes, and legal issues with the European Measurement Instrument Directive. His colleague, Emerson’s MID Project Manager, Maarten Brugman and Communications Manager Marie Simon will join in these discussions and address questions that you have.

If your process includes custody transfer and is located in one of the EU countries, make sure to register for the webinar and read the publication, New European CE Directive for Custody Transfer Measuring Instruments.

Update: The link to the publication is in need of an update, and I’ll add it back once I have the new link.

Update 2: The link to the updated version is now restored.

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