Ordering Rosemount Measurement Instrumentation Extends to Australia

Australia-Online-StoreOnline purchasing and support for Rosemount measurement products has been available here in the U.S. A colleague shared some news with me that this store has now expanded to process manufacturers and producers in Australia.

Emerson Process Management Australia Online Store

The store is designed to simplify the purchasing experience enabling online order placement for select Rosemount products and spare parts. The store helps customers address their safety, reliability and efficiency challenges with a complete line of pressure, temperature, flow, level, and safety measurement instrumentation.

Rosemount-Australia-Online-Store-QR-CodeThe online store provides capabilities for order status checking through the online tracking service, quotes for products, parts, and services, and, when you need an answer, real-time support and answers for your technical questions.

For example, if you need to order a pressure transmitter and don’t have the part number, you can configure the transmitter you need based on your application requirements in a step-by-step fashion. Is the application for absolute or differential pressure? What’s the pressure range? What’s the isolating diaphragm material? Finally, what is the process connection—coplanar flange, manifold, traditional flange, direct mount?

No matter where you live, you can connect an interact with other instrumentation experts in the Analytical, Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature and/or Tank Gauging tracks in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

Posted Thursday, June 19th, 2014 under Pressure.

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