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Temperature Measurement Installation Best Practices

My friends managing the Rosemount brand of temperature measurement products have an upcoming series of webinars on installation best practices. These webinars are available in your region of the world no matter where you’re located.

Ryan Leino Sr. Global Product Marketing Engineer

Ryan Leino
Sr. Global Product Marketing Engineer

Emerson’s Ryan Leino will describe how the effectiveness of a temperature system (a sensor with a connection head, a thermowell and a transmitter) is dependent upon several factors including proper installation, point-of-penetration, insertion length, mounting, and installation wiring.

For the Americas, the Installation Best Practices webinar will take place on December 2 and 9am CST.

For the European, Middle East and African region, this webinar will occur on December 3 at 13:00 GMT.

For the Asia-Pacific region, this webinar is scheduled for December 5 at 11am SGT.

Rosemount-Engineers-Guide-to-Industrial-Temperature-MeasurementMuch of the best practices Ryan will share come from The Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement. You can order a free copy or purchase a Kindle version of the guide. Bring your questions to these webinars to help you get the answers to maximize the accuracy and reliability of your temperature measurements.

You can also connect and interact with other temperature measurement professionals in the Temperature group of the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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