Customer Profile: CYE Petrol is the Bunker Expert in Istanbul

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Emerson has been working with fuel suppliers in major ports around the world, in particular Singapore and Turkey, to deliver fuel efficiently and accurately while eliminating the uncertainty that can generate disputes. An example of a port Emerson has worked with recently is CYE Petrol, a supplier who is an innovator in finding new ways to build trust with their customers.

In 2014, CYE launched the Beykoz-E, a 1650 DWT double-hull bunker barge with pumps capable of delivering 420mT/hour. This vessel is the first in the fleet to be equipped with Emerson’s Certified Bunker Measurement Solution. CYE installed the system because in a world where the bunker barge figures are binding, it is the physical supplier’s responsibility to provide more than just a simple tank calibration table. While CYE intends to upgrade the rest of their fleet with these sensors to provide their customers with the most accurate measurement possible, this is only the most recent example of their leadership towards more transparent, credible operations.

CYE Petrol started operations in 1988, and was the first supplier in Istanbul to install security cameras onboard their barges to record all operations. Years later, this became the standard within the Port of Istanbul and now all barges are required to use cameras. In addition, the employees of CYE Petrol are treated like part of the family. The result is that in an industry where turnover is very high, CYE has many employees and crew who have been with the company for over 10 years. The company has seen substantial growth since launching the Beykoz-E, increasing monthly deliveries from 15,000mT to 28,000mT, but more importantly they are able to increase confidence in their services and better serve their customers.

To learn more about Emerson’s success with CYE, check out this video testimonial.

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