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Key Benefits of Partnering with Micro Motion

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Tom O'Banion

Tom O'Banion

Retired, Former Director of Innovation in Flow Solutions business

Looking for ways to optimize operations for your power plant? Partnering with Micro Motion gives you access to in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, along with the use of technologies that have revolutionized the energy industry.

Between 60% and 80% of all coal power plant failures are related to cycling operations, placing even higher stakes on the specifics of your plant’s operation. But by maximizing the efficiency of your power plant and investing in quality systems and essential tools and skills, you can bring your plant to run at its full potential.

Achieving heightened operational readiness is key, and Micro Motion will partner with you to reach a high level of preparation that will set your plant up for success.

Reduce Initial Difficulties

Comprehensive technologies are paired with unparalleled service and support to assist with instrument configuration, ensure material compatibility, streamline initial processes, and calibrate your flowmeters and density and viscosity instrumentation. Advanced consultative services optimize your processes with a wealth of experience from real-world application and certified technicians.

Systems and machines take time to install and implement, but with the dedicated support services from Micro Motion, your plant will be operational and productive in record time, avoiding altogether many of the time-consuming and costly delays of new production.

Improve Operations

Beyond the initial solutions of beginning plant procedures, the various applications from Micro Motion continue to improve operations at a plant-wide level.

Coriolis flow and density meters are the highest performing in the industry, designed to deliver highly accurate measurements. Real-time monitoring of fluid density, temperature, or concentration minimizes waste and limits wear and tear on machinery. The quality of the product is also improved, as consistent performance can help support high-level production without fail. With the wide variety of specific meter types available, Micro Motion offers a measurement solution for every industry and plant process.

Minimize Costs

From the inefficiencies of emergency maintenance to the loss of valuable resources due to inaccurate flow measurement, technologies such as Smart Meter Verification can drastically reduce the costs associated with your plant processes. Expensive proving and calibration cycles can be extended with new levels of accuracy assurance, while unnecessary labor costs will be eliminated. Limit the need for outsourced calibration services, decrease production interruptions, and avoid damage to equipment with the unprecedented transparency of Smart Meter Verification.

Enter a New Age of Energy

Plant cycling procedures are full of complexity. Ambiguity in measurement and imprecise calculations can turn an exercise in optimization into a waste of time and money. Stress on machinery also necessitates additional maintenance and is a key factor in determining cost-effectiveness. But introducing innovative technologies and techniques can ensure better performance monitoring, while supporting programs can add further efficiencies.

Micro Motion brings a new level of accessibility and control to your plant, through advanced technologies and a vast array of experience in the field. Optimize your power plant and enter a new age of energy!

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