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Measuring for Cost and Compliance: The Confidence of Smart Meter Verification

by | May 19, 2015 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Tom O'Banion

Tom O'Banion

Retired, Former Director of Innovation in Flow Solutions business

Compliance and cost are increasingly important aspects of production, and can be seen as two sides of the same coin. While strict compliance requirements can be seen as increasing costs, the key to it all occurs when innovative technology becomes the answer for both.

Ever-changing regulations and new findings related to fuel production mean a constantly moving target of compliance requirements. The only way to truly know if you meet those prerequisites is with complete transparency and the ability to assess what that information means relevant to compliance.

Using Smart Meter Verification gives you the transparency and information you need in your process.

The Key to Compliance

With the complete measurement confidence brought with this design, your proof of compliance to environmental and other regulations is assured almost instantly. Working with high-level fluids means adhering to higher levels of regulations and considering the impact on all sides of production.

  • At each test, an audit trail stores the results, confirming efficiencies at every point of assessment.
  • Data is easily accumulated and assessed for visual analysis and quick reporting.
  • Results are available within 90 seconds of verification request for on-demand confirmation of operational compliance.

Wondering or hoping are unnecessary, as well as worry over how to handle fees or warnings associated with failure to uphold compliance standards. Instead, you can focus on being the best in the industry for quality and responsibility.

Are you skeptical about the intrinsic worth of Smart Meter Verification when it comes to compliance? The following agencies and regulatory bodies have endorsed or recognized SMV:

  • Alberta Energy Regulator, Directive 17
  • ISO9001
  • USA EPA for Greenhouse Gas, 40 CFR Part 98
  • Exida, for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) proof test via International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
  • AGA-11, Coriolis for Natural Gas/API MPMS Chapter 14.93

Cost and Savings

Production facilities can spend as much as $300,000 on yearly meter calibration checks alone. Smart Meter Verification delivers accuracy that can eliminate 11 proof tests per year. These extended proving and calibration cycles save money on upkeep, and labor costs and outsourced calibration services are decreased.

The relatively high initial cost of this sophisticated technology is more than compensated for across the lifetime of the equipment through the minimal maintenance requirements. And the high reliability of the Coriolis flowmeters quickly make them an essential aspect of yearly cost-saving strategies.

Delivering a profit and addressing compliance regulations may seem like too much of a balancing act when you are in the dark about your true numbers and status. But when the calculations right in front of you are in-depth, and the actionable information is a click away, you can instead be confident that the integrity of your process has been upheld. With Smart Meter Verification, both sides of the coin are shiny.

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