ISA Fellow Recognition for Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors and Infrared Gas Imagers

Emerson's Edward Naranjo

Congratulations to Emerson’s Edward Naranjo
being named an International Society of Automation (ISA) Fellow. Edward was recognized:

For contributions to development of ultrasonic gas leak detectors and infrared gas imagers

ISA describes this membership grade:

Elevation to the distinguished grade of ISA Fellow is granted to Senior Members in recognition of their exceptional engineering scientific contributions to the field of automation. ISA’s Celebrating Excellence Awards honor companies and individuals, both members and non-members, for significant contributions in leadership, technical innovation, and contributions to education that have advanced the profession.

I shared some of Edward’s expertise in an earlier post, 5 Things You Should Know about Gas Detection. The post recapped a YouTube video by him with the same name. The video is a quick 2:26, so I’ll embed it here:

Here are a few of his other published works:

Congratulations Edward on achieving ISA Fellow status and for all your contributions to the process manufacturing and production industries!

You can connect and interact with other analyzer experts in the Analytical group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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