How to Disassemble a Daniel Digital Control Valve

Let’s continue our series of practical “How-to videos” with a closer look at disassembling a Daniel V788 digital control valve. The valves are used effectively in loading and offloading applications that require precise flow rate control and batch delivery of fluid products.

In this 7:36 video, Emerson’s Jerome Lopez demonstrates the disassembly process that may be done during service repair, refurbishing or preventive maintenance activities.

He opens noting the importance of depressurizing the fluids in the line around the valve by isolating the line upstream and downstream of the valve and then bleeding off the pressure before beginning the disassembly procedures.

Jerome then describes the tools required to perform the operation.

He shows the following steps:

  1. Remove the compression fitting and tubing from the cylinder head and then remove the solenoids and strainers from the valve (warning… you’ll see a lot of things disassembled here. It’s good to have this video to refer back to.)
  2. Remove the nuts that secure the cylinder head to the valve body
  3. Alternately tighten the jackscrews until the cylinder head frees to be lifted from the valve body
  4. Lift out the cylinder from the valve body
  5. Hold down the cylinder body to immobilize the cylinder head to prevent spring pressure from being released and causing injury or damage
  6. Remove the cylinder head from the cylinder body
  7. Remove the valve spring, retaining ring, washer and piston from the cylinder

As a side note, when I’m doing home fix up projects, I like to watch “how-to” videos to assess the degree of difficulty to help me determine if I believe I have the skills or need to contact a professional. I hope videos such as these help your team do the same.

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