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Emerson Exchange 365 logoWe started the Emerson Exchange 365 (EE365) global community several years ago with the idea of building a community much like how the Emerson Exchange conferences are conducted—as a peer-to-peer, non-propriety, knowledge sharing venue.

We often reference many of the EE365 groups at the bottom of each blog post, as a place to go and interact with your peers in the area(s) highlighted in the post. Periodically we have online events. Today was one of those days where we featured Emerson measurement and analytical device experts to answer any questions that came in from the community.

I shared several questions that I’ve received through blog comments, emails and seen in places such as LinkedIn. You can see the questions asked and answered at in the post, Measure & Analyze: Live Q &A, March 1st from 10am – 10:45am CST.

As you scroll down the page, you’ll see arrows to guide you to several pages of questions and answers. If you have a question, feel free to add it at the end. Although we had the experts assembled at a specific time, they are all joined in the community and receive notifications when something new is posted.

These questions and answers also live on for those performing searches and happening upon the posts.

If you’re in the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions of the world, or a wee hours of morning/late night person in Europe, Africa and the Americas, you can catch another session, Measure & Analyze: Live Q&A, March 2nd at 13:00 SGT (5am UTC). Here are the experts:

If you’re not already an EE365 member, here are the steps to join and prepare to ask your tough questions:

  • Please ensure you Register for the Emerson Exchange 365 community or, if already a member, that you are Signed In to post your questions.
  • Reply to this post with your Question.
  • As the Q&A grows, you may need to use the << Paging >> arrows at the bottom of the thread to advance the conversation forward.
  • If you have a slow wireless connection or do not see a response to your question, please try Refreshing Your Screen.

We look forward to your participation and hope it contributes to the ever-expanding body of knowledge among peers.

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