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Actionable Information with Plantweb Insight

Let’s end the week with a quick 1:48 YouTube video about Plantweb Insight to better analyze and use the data for safe, reliable and compliant operations. Plantweb Insight is enabled by wireless sensors and networks and gives users the knowledge to make effective and timely decisions

The suite of Plantweb Insight applications provide instant access and visibility into plant assets in an intuitive way without the need for training. Analytics built into the software turn vast streams of data into actionable information.

Learn more in the Plantweb Insight area of or connect and interact with other digital transformation experts in the IIoT/Digital Transformation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

Posted Friday, December 7th, 2018 under Asset Management.


  1. Jonas Berge says:

    I personally agree. A key to the success of data analytics is easy to use analytics apps purpose-built for condition monitoring of equipment like pumps or heat exchangers etc. so that maintenance and reliability engineers and technicians can use them. General purpose analytics is too complicated, requiring data scientists. use readymade apps to avoid the need for costly and time consuming programming and ongoing support. There are platform agnostic analytics apps which can be used with multiple existing data sources such as historian or control system, fieldbus and wireless sensors, eliminating the need for additional platform layers. Learn how other plants are doing it form this essay:

    • Jonas, Thank you for your comment. As smart phone apps have proven over time, built-for-purpose apps are more likely to be used and to provide value instead of all-encompassing, complex applications.

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