Understanding Compact Density Meter Operation

Density and concentration measurements are important in many applications in industries such as food & beverage, life sciences, oil & gas and chemicals to name a few. A density meter performs this measurement.

This educational 4-minute YouTube video, Compact Density Meter Overview describes how density, temperature and concentration are directly measured. It explains the calibration process and some applications where the Micro Motion Compact Density Meter (CDM) can be used.

The CDM has three primary components in the measurement process—the vibrating tubes, drive and pickup coils, and series of tube and case temperature sensors.

Changes in liquid density cause the frequency of the vibrating tubes to also change. This effect is like a spring and attached mass oscillating at its natural frequency. As the mass changes, so changes the natural frequency.

Micro Motion Compact Density Meter (CDM)From a calibration standpoint, the CDM is calibrated using multiple fluids covering a range of densities. The purpose is to ensure a linear response across the range of measured densities. Temperature is also calibrated starting from room temperature through a range of elevated temperatures. Pressure is another parameter varied as part of the calibration process.

Some capabilities of the CDM include real-time, in-line density measurement—accurate up to 0.1 kg/m3 and repeatable up to 0.02 kg/m3. The video highlights an example of the CDM being sensitive enough to detect a difference between an alcohol concentration by volume in Vodka between 40.00% and 40.05%.

The meter includes a transmitter with multiple digital communications protocols available to use and a local operator interface for current readings, configuration, alerts & diagnostics.

Fiscal & custody transfer and blending are two common applications where the Micro Motion Compact Density Meter is a great fit. More specifications, features, documents and drawings can be found on the Compact Density Meter page on Emerson.com.

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Posted Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 under Measurement Instrumentation.

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