Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts for 2017

While we kick off a new year, I wanted to look back to see what the 10 most widely read posts were here on the blog in 2017. Hopefully, you’ll find one or more of them to be of interest and spark some ideas for improvements.

  1. Major Difference between Foundation Fieldbus and HART Protocols
  2. Flow Measurement Pressure-Temperature Compensation
  3. Control Valve or Pressure Regulator?
  4. The Cost of Nanotechnology
  5. Surge Control Considerations in Centrifugal Compressors
  6. What is Operational Excellence?
  7. Distillation Column Control Basics – Part 1
  8. Rotating Machinery Protection and API Standard 670
  9. Differences in Fire & Gas Systems and Emergency Shutdown Systems
  10. Importance of Flow Measurement for Separators

It’s a real mix of technologies, applications and approaches to improve overall performance. Many of the experts featured in these posts and others are active members in the Emerson Exchange 365 global community.

If you’re not already a member, take action on a resolution to join the EE365 community and join the groups in your areas of interests.

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