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The Benefits of Upgrading to the Rosemount 8782 Transmitter in Slurry Applications

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Trever Ball

Trever Ball

Director of Marketing for Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meters

The Perks of the Rosemount 8782 Transmitter

flow-transmitterAs we discussed previously, the new Rosemount Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter is the newest innovation in flow meter technology. The newly designed Rosemount 8782 Transmitter works with the Rosemount MS Sensor to filter out signal noise and deliver industry-leading measurement accuracy like never before. But what if you are working with the Rosemount 8712H Transmitter from the Rosemount High Signal Magnetic Flow Meter Platform? Can you benefit from these advances without replacing your entire meter? The exciting answer is yes, you can. The new 8782 Slurry Transmitter is backward compatible, so you can replace your 8712H High Signal Transmitter to take advantage of the latest innovations in this technology.

Advanced Signal Processing in the New 8782 Transmitter

So, what are the differences between the 8712H High Signal Transmitter and the new 8782 Slurry Transmitter? One of the most significant changes is the advanced signal processing which has been completely reengineered for the 8782. Due to the enhancement of advanced signal processing, the 8782 is able to achieve everything the 8712H did, but only requires 2 amps versus 5 amps. In many cases, the advanced signal processing and high frequency capabilities enables the 8782 to outperform the 8712H in a head to head comparison even with the reduction in power. The 8782 also has the capability to switch between low and high frequency, where the 8712H only operated at one fixed frequency. The advanced signal processing unique to the 8782 also includes Signal Processing Modes, which allow for quick and easy increases or decreases to the level of signal processing. Available in both AC or DC power models, the 8782 does not require a power converter. This feature simplifies installations, reduces the need for spare parts, and minimizes hazards and errors from excessive wiring.

The MS Sensor is specifically designed to address the unique issues our customers face in high process noise situations. When long fibers or particles in the flow stream rub against the electrodes in a magnetic flow meter, the voltage measurements become erratic, causing what is known as signal noise. Damping is often required to stabilize the signal. In denser slurry applications, excessive damping is needed, causing delays in the ability to control the process. With advanced signal processing, you can achieve signal stability without this added damping. It allows you to filter out the noise and understand what your true signal is, enabling you to respond quickly to any changes in your process.

How the 8782 Transmitter Improves Quality in Challenging Slurry Applications

The 8782 Transmitter can provide real-time diagnostic capabilities by automatically separating out the flow signal from slurry noise. Additionally, new options for advanced diagnostics software allow for extra built-in functionality. Smart Meter Verification and High Process Noise are both available on the 8782. With Smart Meter Verification, you are now able to remotely monitor your transmitters, eliminating “guess and check” meter troubleshooting and the extra specialized labor required to perform that work.

The kraft process in pulp and paper is an excellent example of how the 8782 Transmitter can make a difference. Converting wood into wood pulp requires managing several lines of flow in multiple stages. Throughout the process, chemicals are used to break the wood down into cellulose fibers to make paper, resulting in different lines of liquor flows at various steps in the process. When excessive damping on the flow measurement point slows a valve’s response time to changes in these process flows, the result is wide variability in the weight per unit area of a sheet of paper. The 8782 Transmitter measures true flow signal, isolating the extraneous noise, without this excessive damping, thus eliminating these large variations in product output.

In oil and gas, the outlets of fracking blender service trucks require accurate measurements of fracking fluid discharge to enhance the safety of their crews and avoid waste. The fracking fluids are a mixture of chemicals, sand, gel, and water, resulting in incredibly high levels of signal noise. The 8712H Transmitter requires AC power, eliminating the signal noise issue, but necessitating a power converter (yet another component on mobile equipment). The 8782 Transmitter is available in DC power, performing the same function but without the need for a power converter. It works with existing 8707 flow tubes, so upgrading is simple. The grounding and wiring fault detection diagnostic is included as a standard diagnostic in the 8782. Plus, Smart Meter Verification means you now have the ability to check on your meter remotely.

So, what does upgrading to the 8782 Transmitter mean for our customers? Added diagnostic capabilities, the ability to change your signal processing, and control over signal stability and flow are all part of the package when upgrading to this new technology.

How to Know if the 8782 Transmitter Upgrade is For You

The ability to ensure optimal functionality is especially important in process flows where dense slurries are involved. Being able to respond to changes in your process flow promptly will enable many of our customers to save time and raw material costs across multiple industries. All slurry applications with high signal noise and a need for consistency in product quality or that have fluctuating process flow can benefit from upgrading the 8712H High Signal Transmitter to the new 8782 Transmitter.

Smart Meter Verification, High Process Noise diagnostics, and the option for coated electrodes are new add-ons not available with the 8712H. The 8782 Transmitter is backwards compatible with existing 8707 installations, using the same mounting pattern and wires as the 8712H. This means no new wiring needs to be run for the 8782. The 8782 comes in AC or DC power supply options. Additionally, the advanced signal processing can be customized to better address each installations’ unique requirements. All of these exciting new features in the 8782 Transmitter greatly increase usability and process control.

Contact your flow representative for a customized analysis and recommendations based on your specific needs. Learn more about the new Rosemount Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter here.

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