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Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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16th edition of Innovations in Process Automation magazineOur Emerson Automation Solutions organization in Europe has released the 16th edition of Innovations in Process Automation magazine. The magazine is also available in German, Spanish, French, and Italian.

This edition highlights elements in the free MyEmerson personalized digital experience, which enables you to digitally interact and do business with Emerson much more easily. Your MyEmerson account enables you to accurately engineer solutions, optimize your procurement processes, efficiently manage your assets, and more.

Travis Hesketh explains how you can easily view all the technical information needed to buy and maintain Emerson products and parts, to help ensure that your operation keeps running smoothly. He shares an overview of the six interconnected components of MyEmerson including MyAssets, MyWorkspace, MyTransactions, MySoftware, MyTraining, and My Preferences. Together these components help you improve speed, productivity, and collaboration in your organization, while also cementing Emerson’s reputation as a company that is easy to do business with.

Kristin Steiner describes MyAssets and how it provides a comprehensive record of plant instrumentation and immediate access to critical technical documentation. She shares examples such as asset management tags powered by QR codes and RFID labels to enable immediate access to digital copies of all the technical documentation related to each device. Another example is the Walkdown app which digitizes the procedure of identifying the make, model, condition and location of all installed devices.

Claudia Nagel shares how MyWorkspace provides digital tools and a collaborative environment to help accurately and efficiently select, specify and configure Emerson products. It provides calculators to determine your total cost of ownership and return on investment, and easy access to Emerson support, including a live chat option.

Victor Christiaanse explains how the digital solutions provided within MyTransactions ensure more efficient procurement. MyTransactions is designed to deliver faster and more accurate quotes, price and lead times while purchasing Emerson products, thereby reducing risk in the procurement process. It can be integrated with a Punchout protocol – either directly or through a network such as SAP Ariba – to ensure you can access the Emerson product catalogue from within your own ERP system.

Fabrice Hoenig shares how Emerson’s Valve Condition Monitoring service provides greater insight into valve health and performance data, and produces actionable outcomes. Emerson provides a Valve Condition Monitoring service as part of the Connected Services portfolio. This involves seamless data collection, non-intrusive valve health monitoring and predictive analysis, helping you improve plant safety, availability and profitability.

John Ellis describes how the Guardian Support digital lifecycle service from Emerson provides an efficient solution that optimizes system security, reliability and performance. Guardian Support is a prognostic service that enables real-time visualization and management of your automation systems, thereby optimizing their security, reliability and performance. It provides a single source for aggregated, critical and personalized data about your platform architecture and applications, and delivers technical support, software updates, and proactive information on risk management, incident management and lifecycle management.

Read these articles to learn more about ways to improve collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness in your projects and ongoing operations. Visit the MyEmerson Personalized Digital Experience section on for more on each of these interconnected components.

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