Emerson at August 18-20 4C Health, Safety, Environmental Conference

by , | Aug 12, 2021 | Energy & Emissions, Safety, Sustainability

Jim Cahill

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2021 4C Health, Safety, and Environmental ConferenceA key conference for health, safety and environmental (HSE) is the 4C Health, Safety, and Environmental Conference. The 2021 conference will take place next week, August 18-20 here in Austin, Texas. The purpose is for HSE professionals to discover strategies for improving occupational and process safety procedures, minimizing containment risks, and understanding the latest emissions reduction and best management practices that drive better environmental and safety outcomes.

Mike Train, Emerson Chief Sustainability Officer will join Steve Probst, 4C Marketplace and Conference Founder & CEO in an interview on sustainability initiatives by manufacturers and producers as well as within Emerson.

A number of Emerson experts will be presenting at the conference. These include:

  • Reducing Data Complexity on Affirmative Defense Claims with a PRV Monitoring System – Marcio Donnangelo and Marcelo Dultra
  • Safety First: An Overview – Ed Schodowski
  • How to Control and Reduce Tank Vent Fugitive Emissions and Maintenance Costs and Quantify Releases Through Proper Product selection and Remote Monitoring – Derek Kelly
  • Minimizing VOC Emissions During Tank De-watering – Warren Merriman
  • A New Way to Measure Toxic Gases with Wireless and IIoT – Jesse Sumstad
  • Validating the Data and Understanding the Uncertainty for Environmental Reporting – Meha Jha
  • Gas Chromatograph – Jamie Marsden
  • Realtime PRV [pressure relief valve] Release and Leak Detection Data Analyses for Environmental and Process Safety Applications – Marcio Donnangelo and Marcelo Dultra
  • Occupational Safety – Ed Schodowski
  • Corrosion & Erosion Relates to 56% of Losses with Piping. Overcoming These Challenges While Increasing Carbon Capture – Kevin Thomas
  • Safety Showers and Location Awareness—Improving Safety with Wireless Monitoring – Marcio Donnangelo
  • Safety First: An Overview – Ed Schodowski
  • Early Prediction of Flare—Big Data – Mark Nixon
  • EPA Compliance Flare Control – TBA
  • Sustainable Energy Efficiency Practices to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Emissions – Ed Schodowski and Marcio Donnangelo

If you’ll be joining us, look for one of the Emerson experts or the posts that I’ll be doing covering many of these presentations. You can also look for Emerson technology demonstrations there on wireless corrosion & erosion monitoring, pressure relief valve & rupture disk monitoring, the Plantweb Insight built-for-purpose monitoring analytics applications, gas detectors, leak detection systems, and personnel location awareness systems.

Visit the Top Quartile Performance section on Emerson.com for more on the technologies and solutions in helping drive safety, energy & emissions improvements.

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