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DeltaV PK Controller and Data Integration Update

by , | Oct 5, 2023 | Control & Safety Systems

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

Emerson’s Juan Carlos Bravo shares an update on the DeltaV PK controller and data integration at the 2023 Emerson Exchange Immerse Conference. Here is the session’s abstract.

In this session, participants will get an overview of the Data Integration capabilities in DeltaV enabled by our PK controller and Ethernet I/O card (EIOC), as well as Module Type Package (MTP) functionality that facilitates easy integration of PLCs and other devices with DeltaV. They will learn how easily is to integrate devices using different protocols into DeltaV. Participants will also get an update on our newly release PROFINET functionality and our new PK FLEX Controller, which helps simplify the engineering with flexible capacity and reduced Capital investment with a subscription base license.

Juan Carlos opened by discussing data integration for level 1 and level 2, which includes serial cards running many protocols, including Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Data Highway, and programmable interfaces. The Virtual I/O Module (VIM2) uses industrial Ethernet protocols, including Modbus TCP, ODVA-certified Ethernet I/P, PROFINET, and custom interfaces.

DeltaV PK controller integrationThe Ethernet I/O Card (EIOC) supports five protocols: Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP Scanner, Ethernet/IP Control Tag integration, IEC 61850 MMS, and OPC UA client. Ethernet protocols with the DeltaV PK controller include PROFINET and Ethernet/IP and support running two protocols (one at a time), such as Modbus TCP client and Ethernet/IP scanner. The second Ethernet port can run PROFINET simultaneously as one of the other.

The PK controller supports simplex controllers with PROFINET S1 devices and controller redundancy with S1 devices. It works with Ethernet-APL devices using APL switches and supports basic APL profiles. These controllers support the PROFINET MRP ring network topology.

The Modbus TCP server and OPC UA server options remain—the v15.FP1 release improves network configuration by managing local networks at a note level and allowing the configuration of a default gateway. This capability is supported in the EIOC, SZ controller, and PK controller.

Juan Carlos next discussed the MTP (Module Type Package) that enables modular connections between OEM skids and the DeltaV system. MTP standardizes the connection using the OPC UA protocol. MTP has been adopted mainly in the chemical and life sciences industries in Germany and other European countries.

The skids with PLCs or other controllers running an OPC UA server feed an EIOC simplex or redundant OPC UA client to bring the I/O and control logic into the DeltaV system.

Four levels of integration are possible:

  1. Engineered Integration: Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, OPC UA, OPC Classic, IEC 61850
  2. MTP Integration
  3. Easier Integration: PACSystems to DeltaV, AMS Asset Monitor to DeltaV
  4. Native Integration with the PK Controller

Juan Carlos next explained the DeltaV PK Flex controller. It’s a subscription-based model with low-cost PK controller hardware and options for the number of device signal tags (DSTs) required for the application. These DSTs come in 50 increments up to 1500 DSTs. There are additive licenses for Ethernet Protocols, devices, redundancy, etc.

The PK Flex controller is software scalable with the flexibility to grow when required. It enables less up-front capital for projects and lower cost of ownership with a hardware warranty. It has the same robust functionality as other non-subscription DeltaV PK controllers.

Visit the DeltaV PK section on Emerson.com for more on these capabilities and performance.

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