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by | Aug 30, 2023 | Control & Safety Systems, Industrial IoT

You may be frustrated with your company’s slow crawl instead of fast track into the digital age, and you’ve even tried a few pilot projects in a kind of siloed effort that never really provided you with any return. Maybe you tried some field automation, but then didn’t have a perfected way to get that data to everyone who could greatly benefit from it; so it got you nowhere on your digital journey, and it didn’t set you up to get budget approval for future projects you had in mind.

A recent McKinsey report says siloing—doing a little automation here and a little there—is a top frustration with forward-thinking executives. They’re looking to boost productivity in light of reduced workforces but need some help to get a unified effort.

Zedi Access: Emerson's SaaS Industrial IoT PlatformThis is exactly what Emerson’s Zedi IIoT platform with easy device connectivity helps you do, while setting you up for a fast, easy digital transformation complete with training, 24/7 support, and even project management if you need it.

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Setup is fast and easy

If your first steps in automation involved some new hardware here and older hardware elsewhere, that’s fine. We’re hardware agnostic. We like it all and are able to talk to and bring together any and all systems you have, either in IT or OT. That’s information technology (back office) and operational technology (sensors, valve actuators, edge computers, etc.). There’s just one system for everyone, and it can be up and running in minutes.

Connect to the big picture

Best of all, we’re connecting you and your people to a vast neural network, with field operations funneling actionable analytics to management—and accurate numbers to accounting and billing.

Because our data is available on the cloud, any time and anywhere, your authorized users can get insight into complete, accurate data whatever time zone they’re in, at home or on the road. You can set up alarms to alert the appropriate people—technicians, managers, warehouse parts supplies—when there’s an issue they need to address.

With that knowledge, they can jump into action, consult about solutions if need be, and get the issue fixed right away. Fast, concerted action can improve safety and maximize profits by minimizing downtime and damage. Your people will know where the issue is and gain insight into the best and most effective remedy.

Even better, the big picture means you can track production levels, repairs, product flow and downtime, learning more about both your strengths and your areas that might need a closer look; or ‘business opportunities’ for improvement. If you’re thinking of divesting a property, you can analyze long-term trends to see which fields are your best and which ones might be best to sell or swap, or in some cases be able to easily prove to potential buyers exactly what they’re getting; enabling you to demand a higher price.

And all authorized people will see the same actionable analytics, so their input will be based on the same information.

Clear winner

Our IIoT platform has helped lots of clients overcome upgrade inertia—it’s ready to go in minutes, it connects with all your existing hardware, and it’s easy to learn and operate. If you’ve been a bit shy about switching to a new system or software in the past, thinking they’re all hard to learn and challenging to install—contact us today and let us help you to become a true believer!

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