Emerson’s PACK EXPO Preview: Trends, Tech, and More!

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The upcoming PACK EXPO is almost here, and Emerson is getting ready to showcase its innovative Floor to Cloud™ solutions. Our Emerson experts will be available at Booth 6107 to answer any questions you might have about meeting net zero targets, optimizing your operating equipment, or unlocking trapped data.

In preparation for the event, I chatted with a few of our experts to talk about the latest trends in the packaging industry and what visitors can look forward to at the Emerson booth. Sarah


Sarah Brumwell | Sr. Business Development Manager | Discrete Automation

What challenges or opportunities do you anticipate for businesses in the packaging space in the coming year?

Currently, we’re witnessing a shift in consumer preferences, accompanied by technological advancements. These changes hold both challenges and opportunities for businesses. Particularly, the surge in sustainability consciousness is compelling the entire industry to embark on a new trajectory. Sustainability has swiftly evolved from an option to a non-negotiable requirement.

I see that happening mostly in the European market, but its influence is gradually extending to North America through the adoption of sustainable practices.

There’s also a focus on cost reduction, which presents challenges to the packaging sector as it strives to strike a balance between implementing innovative materials that fulfill or surpass consumer and process sustainability expectations, while also optimizing manufacturing processes for enhanced throughput.

What distinguishes our products/solutions and sets them apart from others in the industry?

We provide an extensive range of options through our diverse and comprehensive portfolio. Our offerings extend beyond individual products; they encompass the idea of software-backed support. We’re venturing into a domain of services and software, where we can collect data from our products and devices, transforming it into valuable information. This information empowers more informed decision making.

I believe our distinctiveness as a competitor stems from our recognition that when we engage with end users, they often face challenges in swiftly implementing comprehensive changes across the entire packaging aspect of their business. We understand that it’s more effective to initiate small, targeted changes to observe tangible results. Once these changes prove successful, they can then be rapidly scaled and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the business.

What are you looking forward to the most at PACK EXPO?

I’m looking forward to gaining insights into the industry’s cutting-edge advancements and observing how various players position themselves at the forefront of technological innovation. Networking is also an integral aspect of the event. Connecting with fellow professionals in the field provides an opportunity to acquire valuable insights and fosters collaborative efforts that contribute to the advancement of the industry.


Mark Densley | Director of Business Development Factory Automation | Discrete Automation

What emerging trends do you see in the packaging industry that attendees should be aware of?

An important trend that’s capturing attention in the packaging industry is the increasing connectivity of equipment. This includes retrieving data from new equipment being purchased and existing equipment.

How do you see our products/solutions contributing to addressing industry challenges or meeting customer needs?

Our comprehensive Floor to Cloud™ solutions offer a unique approach to tackling industry challenges. These solutions empower users to seamlessly connect with various platforms, protocols, and PLCs, while effortlessly channeling this data into multiple environments.

What are you looking forward to the most at PACK EXPO?

I’m looking forward to connecting with customers and learning about their specific needs, understanding their key motivations, and grasping the hurdles they face. By comprehending their objectives and challenges, we can then explore ways in which we might help. This interaction with customers is truly the heart of the PACK EXPO experience.


Kyle McLeod | Product Marketing Manager | Uninterruptible Power Systems

What emerging trends do you see in the packaging industry that attendees should be aware of?

Power Quality is becoming a critical focus for packaging facilities because the national grid is becoming unreliable.  Many packagers and distribution companies are investing in equipment to improve the overall quality of their electrical power.  The use of power conditioners, advanced power supplies, and uninterruptible power supplies is becoming a standard in these facilities.

How do you see our products/solutions contributing to addressing industry challenges or meeting customer needs?

Emerson’s SolaHD Power Quality Products are innovative and reliable products with proven technologies to help control your packaging equipment and improve your facility’s efficiency, productivity, and longevity.  We have worked closely with packaging customers to meet strict global requirements.

Our latest innovations allow customers to communicate with their power quality devices (UPS and Control Power Supplies) and uncover powerful diagnostics to improve equipment effectiveness.  Our goal is to provide packaging equipment with clean and reliable power regardless of the situation.


Melissa Stiegler | Director, Food and Beverage | Measurement Solutions

What are the emerging trends in the packaging industry that you’ve noticed?

Emerging trends within the packaging industry include a heightened emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly options, there is an increasing prevalence of biodegradable packaging, personalized packaging, and a notable shift toward embracing flexible packaging solutions.

How do you see our products/solutions contributing to addressing industry challenges or meeting customer needs?

At Emerson, we provide advanced measurement instrumentation and specialized application expertise to address the most challenging manufacturing issues faced by food and beverage manufacturers. A standout example is our Rosemount™ CT4215 Packaging Leak Detection System.

This versatile inline system can be customized to detect leaks in various packaging types, including Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), ensuring seal integrity before shipment. Moreover, its compact design allows for seamless installation and integration, minimizing downtime.

What are you looking forward to the most at PACK EXPO?

While we are excited to show customers our new technologies and solutions, we are also proud to sponsor this year’s Women in Power Breakfast. At Emerson, we are committed to fostering a culture where everyone can think big, ask tough questions, and challenge conventional thinking – without the fear of failure. We believe a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment contributes to the rich exchange of ideas that inspire innovation. We look forward to connecting and networking with like-minded individuals at this fantastic event!

Make sure you visit the Emerson Booth 6107 in the South Lower Hall at PACK EXPO Las Vegas September 11 – 13, 2023. You can also schedule an appointment to talk to an Emerson expert at the show.

Unable to attend the event? Explore additional insights and solutions here.









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