AspenTech Software Portfolio Update

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Emerson’s Dustin Beebe and Aspen Technology’s Steve Williams shared an update on the AspenTech portfolio of software applications. Here’s the abstract of the session.

Emerson and AspenTech provide software that delivers outcomes from edge to enterprise, sensor to boardroom, across the lifecycle of a facility from Conceptualization through Operations and Maintenance. In this session we’ll explore how we are aligning plans to enable facilities to better manage their assets. End-To-End Solutions in different verticals are central to our strategy. Current solutions drive improvements in profitability and reliability, but now are expanding our solutions to cover sustainability objectives including emissions reduction, hydrogen management and bio-tracking. We are collaborating on data management, data context, and the use of AI in digitalization initiatives. See the possibilities of the future and together we will Go Boldy.

Dustin opened by discussing the challenges that many manufacturers and producers face. Skilled employees are retiring and leaving the workforce, increased demands to become more sustainable, achieving acceptable profitability margins, and the need for improved organization agility. Technology must help reduce the need for additional resources while solving issues and driving productivity. This technology must prepare us for the future.

Sustainability comes in many dimensions:

As hydrogen as an energy carrier grows in the global energy mix, optimizing the pathways from production through storage, transportation, and custody transfer is critical. The trend toward autonomous operations drives the vision for technologies to support this trend and guides development efforts.

Recent enhancements across the Emerson and AspenTech software portfolio include sustainability templates, integration among applications, industrial AI enhancements and capabilities, Aspen Inmation integrated by design, and enhanced joint solutions for operator training systems (OTS). Aspen Mtell adds dashboards and KPIs, Alert Management, and Asset Templates. Together, these can help reduce maintenance costs by 20-30% annually. Enhancements include AMS integration, Aspen Mtell Alert Manager, Asset template library, Bring Your Own Model (BYOM), and new dashboards and KPIs.

Steve gave an update on performance engineering. Aspen Hysys process simulation software has been enhanced with Industrial AI over the past several years. This application is used in the design phase of the lifecycle of manufacturing and production operations. Enhancements include joint work on OTS, alkaline water electrolyzer models, scope 1 & 2 emissions calculations, and more.

From a control & optimization standpoint, Aspen DMC3 provides AI-enabled adaptive process control for autonomous operations. It helps to maximize profitability and maintain optimal operating conditions 100% of the time. Performance improvements include improved efficiency and uptime, increased reliability, and reduced waste and rework.

Adaptive tuning updates online models while simultaneously optimizing to improve controller uptime. AI deep learning addresses non-linear operating regions, which combines with traditional linear modeling to provide sustainable APC models covering a wider operational range. The Aspen Virtual Advisor (AVA) for DMC3 enables operators and engineers to make the best decisions to achieve and maintain optimal operations. It can answer questions such as, “Why is the steam flow not minimizing?” or “How can I reduce reflux flow.”

Aspen Maestro for DMC3 provides self-guided, automated, intuitive workflows to reduce APC model-building complexity and time. Aspen GDOT dynamic optimization of multiple units can help to achieve peak performance across multiple process units. It enables 24×7 closed-loop optimization.

AspenTech Operational Insights enables situational awareness in complex environments. It provides visualization from the enterprise to equipment and supports business functions and staff personas. It is integrated with Mtell and connectors to other applications.

AspenTech DataWorks includes Inmation and Aspen InfoPlus.21 for an industrial data hub and data historian.

I’ll share more of the longer-term future developments in future posts. Follow the links above for more on these applications to drive business performance improvements in your operations.

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