Ultrasonic Precision Cutting

by , | Feb 24, 2023 | Welding, Assembly & Cleaning

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

How does the sliced bread you may buy at the local grocery store have such even, clean slices? Automated ultrasonic cutting technology might be the answer.

In this quick 1-minute Design World video from several years ago, Emerson’s Mike Mediana explains how ultrasonic food portioning offers manufacturers a better option than traditional (mechanical) alternatives.

Mike shows a Branson 30-kHz ultrasonic cutter and how it easily slices through bread to create clean and even slices. Ultrasonic cutting eliminates consumables, delivers faster speeds, reduces scrap, and lowers energy consumption using high-frequency vibrating blades to prevent sticking to food, rubber, or plastic films extending tooling wear life.

Visit the Ultrasonic Cutting section on Emerson.com for more on how this technology works for food applications, packaging sealing, non-woven textile processing, and material sheet cutting.

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