Marcelo Carugo

Vice President, Global Refining & Chemicals Industries

Marcelo partners with refiners and chemical manufacturers to improve operational benchmarks by developing and deploying long-term automation strategies. The process begins with gaining an understanding of their strategic direction, creating a vision for process changes that transforms cultural barriers into cooperative commitments, and combining value improvement programs with enabling digital technologies to achieve top quartile performance.

Posts by or with Marcelo Carugo

Improving Downstream Hydrocarbon Production Performance

The world's energy leaders and policy makers gather in Houston next week for the annual CERAWeek conference. These energy leaders in the oil & gas production, distribution, refining, petrochemicals, coal, electrical power and alternative energy industries gather...

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Digital Transformation in the Chemical Processing Industries

How are companies in the chemical processing industries looking at Industrial Internet of Things technologies to improve their operations? This question was the focus of a Chemical Engineering article, The Digital Transformation in the CPI. The article opens...

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Improved Refinery Performance via Direct to Ship Blending

For refineries, blending operations can be challenging due to unscheduled downtime, off-spec production requiring reblending operations and quality giveaways by exceeding specifications. I caught up with Emerson’s Marcelo Carugo who noted that poor recipe management...

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Automation Addresses Opportunity Crudes Refining Challenges

The abundance of discounted crude oil, or opportunity crudes, as they are known in refinery parlance, has shifted refinery operators' mindsets over the past few years. In a Hydrocarbon Engineering article, Equip for Opportunity Crudes, Emerson's Marcelo Carugo and Tim...

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