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Early Project Planning of Asset Data Standards

Posted in Asset Optimization, Reliability on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018. No comments yet
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Capital project team members are under constant pressure to meet project deadlines and get the manufacturing or production process up and running. But how do they ensure that the capital assets installed will run reliably over time? In an Efficient Plant article, Data Standards Lead to Project Success, Emerson’s Scott Janzen describes the critical need […]

Reliability and Its Bottom Line Impact

Posted in Asset Optimization, Reliability on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014. No comments yet
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Reliability of your production process equipment impacts the bottom line by maintenance costs, related carrying costs, energy usage, and additional uptime related to equipment performance. Making improvements in reliability require people, processes, tools, and organizational support to move beyond current maintenance practices. In a Pipeline magazine article, Bringing Greater Reliability (pp. 44-48), the editors interviewed […]