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Faster Emergency Shutoff Valve for Propane Railcars

Posted in Oil & Gas, Safety on Monday, January 27th, 2014. One comment so far
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Once again, it’s Chris Womack back with a guest post related to terminals. Just a quick mention here of the fast, new, but still memorably named Fisher N863 Snappy Joe Emergency Shutoff Railcar Valve (pdf). You see, for the past three decades or so, there’s only been one such valve designed especially for loading and unloading propane […]

Rolling Out Emerson’s Management System for Bulk-Liquids Terminals

Posted in Oil & Gas, Tank Gauging on Friday, August 16th, 2013. No comments yet
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Hi. It’s Chris Womack again, with another tidbit about terminals. If you haven’t seen it yet, an article in the July-August issue of Tank Storage magazine adds a little update about Emerson’s partnership with Vopak, the world’s largest bulk-liquids storage firm. (The article’s mostly about Emerson’s recent press event in Baar, Switzerland, which focused on […]

Coriolis Innovations at Chemspec Europe 2013

Posted in Chemical, Measurement Instrumentation on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013. No comments yet
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Hello again—Chris Womack here with another guest post. The specialty-chemical industry’s big European convention, Chemspec Europe 2013, features an Emerson exhibit for the first time this year. The meeting is going on right this minute in scenic Munich, Germany. So if you’re attending, be sure to stop by our booth 3H15—or “stand” 3H15, in the […]

Preventing Storage-Tank Overfills with a Wireless Network

Posted in Chemical, Level on Monday, April 8th, 2013. No comments yet
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Hi, it’s Chris Womack again with another guest post about terminals. So, how do you quickly modify an acid terminal to dramatically reduce overfills—and their attendant clean-up costs, product losses, and environmental compliance headaches—to save a bit more than $100,000 after the first year? Emerson’s Carlos Matos and Brian Cleary spell it out in a […]

Predictive Monitoring of Terminals and Tanks for Environmental Protection

Posted in Energy & Emissions, Oil & Gas on Thursday, March 28th, 2013. One comment so far
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Emerson’s Chris Womack shares his insights on terminal and tank monitoring in today’s guest post. In the world of tanks and terminals, there’s mounting pressure for more environmental protection in the form of “sustainability”—the use of recyclable and non-toxic materials—and an overall reduction in spills and emissions. That pressure has a few sources, including tightening […]