Faster Emergency Shutoff Valve for Propane Railcars

Emerson's Chris WomackOnce again, it’s Chris Womack back with a guest post related to terminals.

Just a quick mention here of the fast, new, but still memorably named Fisher N863 Snappy Joe Emergency Shutoff Railcar Valve (pdf). You see, for the past three decades or so, there’s only been one such valve designed especially for loading and unloading propane from railcars — Emerson’s Fisher Snappy Joe N562.

Fisher N863 Snappy Joe Emergency Shutoff Propane Railcar ValveSo why the new one? It’s about twice as fast, at about 413 gpm, compared to about 200 gpm for the N562. That means faster loading and unloading — and that means money saved.

And to best suit a variety of compressed-gas applications, the new Snappy Joe N863 can come equipped with Nitrile, Neoprene, Kalrez™, Teflon™, Viton™, or EPDM valve seals.

It should be UL listed soon. Keep a lookout.

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