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Midstream Oil and Gas Operator Digital Transformation

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In several of the upstream oil & gas-related blog posts we highlighted digital transformation opportunities and activities. But what about in the midstream sector including gas processing facilities, pipelines and storage terminals? In a Pipeline Industry Report article, Emerson Committed to Digital Transformation, Emerson’s Chuck Miller describes the opportunity for businesses in the midstream sector […]

Optimizing the Process of Purifying Natural Gas Liquids

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Author: Chuck Miller It is no secret that the oil and gas producers attraction to the shale fields has been the high BTU wet gas that contains a significant volume of heavier hydrocarbons known as Natural Gas Liquids or NGLs. The purpose of the Natural Gas / NGL Recovery plant is to recover the methane […]

Advanced Automation Drives Project and Operational Cost Certainty

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Author: Chuck Miller One of the most transformational cost-reduction trends in the automation industry is the application of configurable I/O. Based upon the projects standards premise, reduced installation and commissioning time – along with the inclusion of late stage project changes without cost – configurable I/O is a technology that is critical to the optimization […]

Reassessing the Gas Processing Market

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Author: Chuck Miller Recently, we’ve seen many changes in the gas processing marketplace, moving us quickly from a time where we built all forms of infrastructure to a more thoughtful focus on efficiency, reliability, productivity, and reducing operational risks. Our industry is, therefore, experiencing many operational challenges from producing vast natural gas resources in remote […]

Midstream Oil and Gas Sector Trends

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Natural gas processing facilities, terminals, pipelines and other forms of petroleum product transport are part of the midstream oil & gas sector. Operating these midstream operations safely, efficiently and reliably has proven to be an ongoing challenge. Emerson’s Chuck Miller coordinated the gathering of midstream sector thought leaders so that they could share ideas and […]