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Control in the Field for Availability and Performance

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In my automation-related blogs RSS feed, I discovered a Foundation Fieldbus blog post, Good Article on Benefits of Control in the Field. The Fieldbus Foundation (FF)‘s Larry O’Brien points to an article, Control-in-the-field provides control & reliability written by Emerson’s Travis Hesketh. The PCN [Process & Control News] Europe article describes the capability for control […]

Foundation Fieldbus India Presentations

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I received a note from Emerson’s Jonas Berge of a recent Foundation fieldbus (FF) General Assembly meeting in Mumbai, India. It was their largest gathering of process automation professionals to date. Jonas shared with me that India has an ever-increasing process automation engineering community, and that events such as these provide practical examples of how […]

Operational Gains with Foundation Fieldbus

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Emerson’s Jonas Berge alerted me to a series of Asia Pacific region seminars on Foundation fieldbus. The Singapore Fieldbus Foundation site has links to the presentations given for the seminars held in Malaysia, Taiwan, and one in Singapore for the water/waste water industry. Control Engineering Asia magazine described the focus of these seminars: This year’s […]

The Case for Control in the Field-based Control

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John Rezabek closes his Surprise! Field-Based Control Beats DCS article with the thought: The SP50 committee set out years ago to define and specify a robust, vendor-independent controls suite exploiting the intelligence of microprocessor-based field devices that would equal or exceed the “bulletproof” DCSs of the 90s. They succeeded. The source of this conclusion […]

Dispelling a Rules of Thumb in Foundation Fieldbus Segment Sampling Rate

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On the Fieldbus Foundation Forums is a recent post, Macrocycle for control in the controller. The post begins: I have seen many posts about scheduling and macrocycle calculation for control-in-the-field (CIF). I have some doubts about control-in-the-controller (CIC) application. Unfortunately, there is no other option in the project I am working for. The question asks […]