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Wireless Sensor Network Learning Resources

Posted in Industrial IoT, Services, Consulting & Training on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014. No comments yet
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In an earlier post, Broadcast Range of WirelessHART Transmitters, Craig Abbott provided some technical considerations for a wireless field device network. I wanted to bring extra visibility to a comment from Emerson’s Jonas Berge, whom you may recall from earlier digital bus and wireless related posts. Jonas wrote: Mesh topology is key to use of […]

Broadcast Range of WirelessHART Transmitters

Posted in Industrial IoT on Thursday, January 16th, 2014. 3 comments so far
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Emerson’s Craig Abbott provides some technical considerations for your IEC 62591 WirelessHART field device network. A frequently asked question about the WirelessHART 2.4GHz radio network is “How far can these devices transmit?” Depending on local units of measurement, the rule of thumb distance for the standard antenna is 225 meters or 750 feet. Interestingly, in […]

As Simple as a Fuel Gauge

Posted in Asset Management, Reliability on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013. 3 comments so far
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Emerson’s Craig Abbott provides the analogy of your car’s fuel gauge to think about how to manage your plant assets. If you asked a large group of people “How often do you refuel your car?” almost certainly the response would not be as simple as “every Monday morning”, nor would anyone have such a lack […]