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When Tuning PID Alone is not the Answer

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Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control is the workhorse control algorithm for process manufacturers. When tuned properly, it seeks to move a loop’s process variable (PV) to the setpoint (SP) as quickly as possible without overshoot or instability. But, in some cases, even proper tuning is not enough. External factors such as equipment failures, mechanical performance, or incorrect […]

Control Valve Impact on Process Variability

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The March/April edition of Intech magazine features an article by‘s Greg McMillan–Key design components of final control elements. The article is derived from Greg’s new book, Essentials of Modern Measurements and Final Elements in the Process Industry. Final control elements, such as control valves, are used to control the process by changing the flow. […]

Modeling and Control Analysis Brings Big Capital Savings

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Wow, what a fast and furious week… I’ll close the week by highlighting a recent article by‘s Greg McMillan. He coauthors the article, Virtual Plant Provides Real Insights, which appears in the January 2009 edition of Chemical Processing magazine. Greg’s a published author on the topic of pH control and widely known his expertise. […]