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Planning Operator Workloads

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There’s a great question on planning operator workloads. This Emerson Exchange 365 community, DeltaV group member posted, Is there a standard, industry reference or best practice to determine operator workload and staff requirement for DCS consoles? In part, they ask: I’ve been dealing with a question from our management for some time: we fear that […]

Emerson Subject Matter Experts Getting Social

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It’s a light posting week with travel to our Minneapolis area offices. We had a great session with many of the measurement experts we feature here on the blog. Our objective is to get them more comfortably and effectively participating in our Emerson Exchange 365 community, LinkedIn, Twitter and this blog. The goal is to […]

Connecting the Experts More Closely to You

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It’s been a light posting week. I’ve been in Houston working with Emerson subject matter experts from across many of the Emerson Automation Solutions business units. Look for a number of new Emerson voices sharing their expertise here on the blog and in Emerson Exchange 365, LinkedIn and Twitter. Here’s a few photos of the […]

Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts for 2017

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While we kick off a new year, I wanted to look back to see what the 10 most widely read posts were here on the blog in 2017. Hopefully, you’ll find one or more of them to be of interest and spark some ideas for improvements. Major Difference between Foundation Fieldbus and HART Protocols Flow […]

Bring On Your Measurement and Analyzer Questions

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We started the Emerson Exchange 365 (EE365) global community several years ago with the idea of building a community much like how the Emerson Exchange conferences are conducted—as a peer-to-peer, non-propriety, knowledge sharing venue. We often reference many of the EE365 groups at the bottom of each blog post, as a place to go and […]