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Engineer’s Guide to Tank Gauging

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Tank gauging is the process of measuring liquids in storage tanks to determine the volume and mass of the liquid. Typically, these measurements include level, temperature and pressure. A new user guide, The Engineer’s Guide To Tank Gauging is available to request for download. This 104-page guide explores tank gauging technologies, engineering standards and approvals, […]

Temperature Measurement Installation Best Practices

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My friends managing the Rosemount brand of temperature measurement products have an upcoming series of webinars on installation best practices. These webinars are available in your region of the world no matter where you’re located. Emerson’s Ryan Leino will describe how the effectiveness of a temperature system (a sensor with a connection head, a thermowell […]

RTD or Thermocouple for Temperature Measurement?

Posted in Temperature on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014. 3 comments so far
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As increasing numbers of new process automation professionals enter the global ranks, the need for educational materials increase. These new professionals were born in the digital era which has shaped the way they learn. I mention all this because Emerson’s team managing the Rosemount temperature measurement products have put together a series of educational videos […]