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Greg McMillan’s Thoughts on PAT and Advanced Control Technology

Posted in Control Strategies, Life Sciences on Thursday, April 19th, 2007. No comments yet
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Recently I discovered in my PAT RSS persistent search feed an article in Pharmaceutical Processing magazine entitled, PAT Solutions-Eight advanced process control technologies worth considering. This article was written by Rick Rys, President, at R2 Controls, and Janice Abel, Director, Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, at Invensys. Since ModelingAndControl.com‘s Greg McMillan recently co-authored a book […]

Virtual Experimentation Helps Implement Online Batch Analytics and MPC

Posted in Life Sciences, Process Optimization, Simulation on Wednesday, January 31st, 2007. One comment so far
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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe has a recent article entitled, Artificial intelligence the key to process understanding. It discusses the opportunity to enhance the FDA’s Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) initiative using artificial intelligence based tools like neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. I shared this article with Greg McMillan who has been quite immersed with advanced […]