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Dynamic Simulation for Successful Modernization Project

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Switching from a legacy control system to a modern one requires careful planning and execution, especially if done as a hot cutover–the switch happening while the process continues to run. One element that must be carefully planned should be the training of the operators on the new system. By including dynamic simulation development for testing […]

Considerations in Control System Modernization Projects

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Emerson’s Laurie Ben and John Dolenc will be teaming up at the year’s Emerson Exchange to present Modernizations & Migrations: Lessons Learned. The workshop is in two parts because of the vast ground they cover with respect to control system modernization and migration. Part 1 addresses an overview of modernization and migration projects, choosing the […]

Hot Cutovers Help Provide Operator Learning Curve Time

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Today is the first of two guest blog posts this week. Aaron Crews graciously agreed to write this while I’m goofing off this week on vacation. Thanks Aaron! Jim is a brave soul to hand over the keys to the blog while he’s on vacation this week. Hopefully I don’t do too much damage while […]

More Thoughts on the Hot Cutover Process

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A hot cutover post from several weeks ago featuring Emerson’s Aaron Crews prompted a question from another Emerson project professional to Aaron. The question described an upcoming hot cutover project and asked Aaron to share any additional thoughts he had. For those unfamiliar with this jargon, a hot cutover is the process of converting to […]

Automation System Hot Cutover Requires Careful Planning

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It must be one of those weeks where a theme accidentally emerges. This week, it’s discovering things to write about courtesy of Twitter. The subject for today’s post comes from Aaron Crews, a principal control systems engineer with The Automation Group (TAG). TAG joined Emerson earlier this year. Aaron’s tweet alerted me that he’s tackling […]