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Insights from CERAWeek on Improving Project and Operational Performance

Posted in Event on Thursday, March 9th, 2017. No comments yet
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I wanted to share two quick videos from CERAWeek 2017 on how technologies and improved work practices are improving project performance as well as ongoing safety, reliability and efficiency. Emerson Automation Solutions Group President Jim Nyquist explains how Top Quartile performers significantly outpace average performers. Emerson Automation Solutions’ Chief Strategic Officer, Peter Zornio shares the […]

Improving Capital Project Performance

Posted in Project Services on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. No comments yet
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When large capital project teams consider the importance of optimizing ongoing operations and asset management in their designs, the results can impact which quartile the manufacturer and producer operates in compared with their industry peers. In a ControlGlobal.com article, Plantman Go: The future of asset lifecycle modeling, author Bob Sperber surveys automation suppliers for their […]

Improving Capital Project and Plant Turnaround Performance

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Last week’s Petrochemical Engineering & Construction and Gulf Coast Shutdowns & Turnarounds conferences took place in New Orleans. Here are excepts from the full posts over on the Top Quartile Performance site. Beyond Best Practice: The Latest Thinking in Doing Things Differently As process manufacturing and production capital projects continue to grow in scale and […]

Opportunities in the Petrochemical Industry

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The petrochemical industry has benefitted from the huge supply increase of natural gas and liquids from shale gas here in the U.S. I’m in New Orleans for the next few days at the Petrochemical Engineering & Construction conference. Simultaneously the Gulf Coast Shutdowns & Turnarounds conference will be happening. Each conference has a Twitter hashtag […]

Innovations in Increasing Project Successes

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Emerson’s innovations in process control magazine provides insights into many of the latest technology and service innovations occurring. The latest edition opens with an operating training simulator (OTS) successful implementation at Iberian Lube Base Oils Company (ILBOC) in Cartagena, Spain. The article highlights some of the key benefits: Emerson’s OTS provided ILBOC with a number […]