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OPC .NET 3.0 is New Name for OPC Xi

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In case you haven’t seen this news yet, the OPC Foundation has renamed OPC Xi to OPC .NET 3.0 (WCF). Let’s call it OPC .NET 3.0 for short. It’s the same client/server connectivity standard and functionality for the process industries that I’ve been describing as OPC Xi in earlier posts. I turned to Emerson’s Chris […]

OPC Xi Builds on Process Manufacturing Communication Standards

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Update 2: OPC Xi is now called OPC .NET 3.0. Original post: In the Control magazine article, Playing Well with Others, Editor in Chief Walt Boyes describes how process analyzers can use OPC Xi and OPC ADI to better communicate with control systems. These communications standards help address challenges that Walt articulates: On-line analyzers vary […]

OPC Express Interface (OPC Xi) Technical Overview Slidecast

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Update 2: OPC Xi is now called OPC .NET 3.0. Original post: In an earlier post, Secure, Firewall Friendly Communications, I described the new OPC Express Interface (Xi) standard. It overcomes some of the inherent issues in securely communicating information between process automation and asset management systems with other applications in a process manufacturing facility. […]

Secure, Firewall Friendly Communications

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One of the issues with the proven OPC standard has been the communications between OPC client and OPC server when a firewall separates them. The cyber-security challenges that process manufacturers face were not envisioned in the original release of the OPC specification in the mid-1990s. The network transport is based on Microsoft’s distributed component object […]