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Model Predictive Control Tips & Techniques Preview

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Moving from the theoretical world of proportional-integral-derivative control to applying it successfully is a hurdle new process control engineers face. Once mastered, the next step might be in applying advanced process controls. Model predictive control, neural networks, fuzzy logic, gain scheduling and more each require bandwidth and experience to master. One great way to climb […]

Differences in Model Predictive Control Applications

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One of the new things that we tried at last week’s Emerson Exchange conference in Denver was to have our Emerson Exchange 365 community members submit questions for a Meet the Experts session panel on process control and optimization. The thread, questions and answers are at Virtual Q&A: Process Control >> REPLY to THIS POST […]

Adjusting Model Predictive Controller Response

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Knowledge sharing need not be limited to one week conferences like the recent Emerson Exchange conference. I mention this to highlight an excellent discussion thread in Emerson Experts Forum in the Emerson Exchange 365 community. The thread, MPC [Model Predictive Control Penalties opens with this question: What should I understand for “Penalty on Move” and […]