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Live John Berra WBF Keynote – Small Victories Mean Big Improvements

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The WBF – The Organization for Production Technology is holding their annual North American conference this week with the theme, Sharpening the Tools of Manufacturing. John Berra, Chairman Emerson Process Management (Retired) will be delivering the keynote presentation, Sharpening the Tools – Small Victories Mean Big Improvements. Here’s the abstract: This keynote address will touch […]

Four Paths to Sharpen Your Process Optimization Skills

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Those familiar with American football have heard the idea that the game can be simplified down to the basics of “blocking and tackling“. Fundamentally, the team that executes these two skills the best will likely win the game. So what does this have to do with process automation? For plant engineers, how well their plant […]

Ways to Freely Educate Yourself in Process Optimization

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Universities around the world provide great foundational engineering educations. But how does one become a true expert in our world of process automation? The answer is that unlike ever before, there are more ways than ever to freely educate oneself. If you think the last sentence was hyperbole on my part, here are some of […]

Greg McMillan Honored with ISA Life Achievement Award

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The news is now public that Greg McMillan has won an ISA Life Achievement Award. The article highlights some of the key reasons for the award: Generally acknowledged as a leading expert in pH control and modeling/simulation, among other technical areas, McMillan spent the first 33 of his more than 40-year career at Monsanto, and […]

Control Loop Performance Primer – An Online Seminar

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Update and bump: Here’s the Control Loop Performance Primer recorded video presentation (527Mb .wmv download file): Viewing this content requires Silverlight. You can download Silverlight from Here are the presentation slides (.ppt download): Process Control Improvement Primer – Greg McMillan Deminar View more presentations from Jim Cahill. Original post: After tackling some of the […]