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Corrosion-Resistant Materials in Chemically-Hostile Valve Applications

Posted in Regulator on Monday, May 11th, 2015. No comments yet
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When it comes to instrumentation and final control elements which touch the process, materials of construction are one of the critical selection criteria. In a whitepaper, PPS Outshines Stainless Steel in Chemically Hostile Valve Applications, Emerson’s Steve Attri describes how this PPS material is highly resistant to corrosion in highly-corrosive applications. He opens defining and […]

Complying with Storage Tank Emissions Regulations

Posted in Regulator, Regulatory Compliance on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015. 3 comments so far
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If you’re an energy producer here in the United States, you likely already familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Quad O” regulations, or officially, EPA Title 40, C.F.R. Part 60, Subpart OOOO—Standards of Performance for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transmission and Distribution. The EPA defines its purpose: This subpart establishes emission standards and […]

Sizing Tank Blanketing Regulators

Posted in Regulator on Monday, December 8th, 2014. 7 comments so far
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In March of 2014, API Standard 2000 (Venting Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Storage Tanks), 7th edition was released. In a whitepaper, Sizing Tank Blanketing Regulators Using the Latest API 2000 7th Edition Guidelines, Emerson’s Steve S. Attri describes how the latest changes affect the sizing of tank blanketing regulators. The whitepaper also includes how backpressure regulators […]