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Tips to Overcome Challenges in Product and Custody Transfers

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Author: Sachin Tere Product and custody transfer applications are spread across the oil and gas industry, from the fields to the refineries, to transport vessels to storage tanks and terminals. Here are some problems that hinder you from achieving efficiency in fluid production and movement, and corresponding tips on how to overcome them. Challenge 1: […]

7 Mistakes in Choosing a Tank Gauging System

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While the Emerson Exchange conference unfolds this week in Brussels, the Tank World Expo is happening in Dubai. I wanted to share this post from Rajagopal-Kittu from this event. Author: Rajagopal-Kittu Whether you own a small tank farm or are managing huge, multiple facilities, you should find it easy to monitor and control activities efficiently […]

Terminal Tanks Level Measurement Safety, Accuracy & Efficiency

Posted in Tank Gauging on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014. One comment so far
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Over on the Tank World blog is an interview with Emerson’s Rajagopal Kittu, a tank gauging product manager in the Middle East region. Rajagopal was asked about the wireless technologies be used within terminals. He shared an example, valve position indication for manual isolation valves found in piping manifolds. For many tank terminals, these wired […]