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What to Look for in Control Valve Technology to Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

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Author: Vincenzo Sipala How Plant Downtime Effects Your Bottom Line Keeping an intricate process plant at maximum productivity for multiple decades is no easy feat. Operations downtime caused by unscheduled maintenance issues continues to be a major cause of concern for companies, as it can have expensive consequences. According to Solomon Associates, companies reach the […]

Reducing Pressure across Valves in Stages

Posted in Final Control Element on Friday, May 23rd, 2014. 2 comments so far
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In the third video in cavitation reduction series, Cavitation Mitigation Part 3 (2:52), Emerson’s Melissa Niesen describes how pressure reductions can be done in stages to avoid cavitating conditions in the liquid flow through a pipe. Melissa explains how Cavitrol III trims for Fisher globe and angle valve bodies can reduce the pressure in stages […]

Preventing Cavitation in Liquid Applications

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In the Fisher Valve & Instruments YouTube series on reducing cavitation in your process flows, the 3-minute second video, Cavitation Mitigation Part 2 shows a split line demonstration of cavitation. I highlighted Part 1 in yesterday’s post, Reducing Cavitation in Piping. Emerson’s Melissa Niesen, shows the difference in flow patterns across a thick plate in […]

Reducing Cavitation in Piping

Posted in Final Control Element on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014. One comment so far
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Emerson’s team responsible for Fisher Valves & Instruments products has a great series of YouTube videos on piping cavitation and ways to mitigate the damage that it can cause. Melissa Niesen, a research engineer, uses the Marshalltown Innovation Center flow lab to provide visual and auditory demonstration of cavitation in action. In the first 8:13 […]