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OPC .NET 3.0 is New Name for OPC Xi

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In case you haven’t seen this news yet, the OPC Foundation has renamed OPC Xi to OPC .NET 3.0 (WCF). Let’s call it OPC .NET 3.0 for short. It’s the same client/server connectivity standard and functionality for the process industries that I’ve been describing as OPC Xi in earlier posts. I turned to Emerson’s Chris […]

Video Presentation on OPC Xi and OPC Classic Interoperability

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Update 2: OPC Xi is now called OPC .NET 3.0. Update and bump: I want to thank Randy Kondor for giving me permission to add the architecture pictures to the post below! Original post: Reading through my RSS feeds this morning, I came across this post, OPC UA and Xi for users and developers, by […]