Getting the Most from Production Assets

ARC Advisory Group‘s Larry O’Brien provides an excellent article entitled Briefing: Emerson’s Process Management’s Asset Optimization Business. He summarizes the services of the Asset Optimization business this way:

The AO business is divided into the two primary segments of Asset Reliability Services and PlantWeb Services, and the former encompasses Emerson’s traditional MRO services business, including services for control valves and instrumentation, as well as mechanical and electrical equipment. The Asset Reliability Services business covers testing, diagnostics, repair, calibration, and maintenance including spare parts and reconditioned equipment. Managing and executing plant turnarounds is also a core capability of Emerson.
PlantWeb Services are dedicated to the successful implementation and use of AMS Suite software and the predictive diagnostics technologies of Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture. Emerson has PlantWeb Service engineers worldwide dedicated to tasks such as opportunity assessment and benchmarking, asset prioritization, technology implementation, training, and extending PlantWeb installations to other realms of operations and maintenance, such as machinery health management.

His conclusion:

Emerson is the market leader for PAM [plant asset management] applications, and they realize that they must provide a strong business value proposition for AMS to remain successful. The key to success for any PAM implementation is planning, planning, and more planning. This means offering a comprehensive set of services around AMS that allow users to get the most out of the application and put it in the context of a strategy for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

I caught up with Stuart Harris, vice president of marketing for the Asset Optimization business who visited with ARC to provide this update. Stuart pointed to the critical role of predictive diagnostic technologies along with services to deliver improved financial results. The Emerson team has documented many quantified results from customer engagements verifying that a more predictive environment does indeed deliver business benefits.

Posted Monday, July 31st, 2006 under Asset Management.

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