Putting Your Expertise Out There

I’m playing catch up this week after returning from a very successful Emerson Exchange meeting last week. I’m thankful that the board accepted my presentation, Finding What You Need Faster Via RSS and Blogs. One of the points I made is that we all have quite a bit of expertise that we can share.
Events like the Emerson Exchange allow us to come together one week out of the year to share this expertise with one another. That leaves an opportunity for 51 other weeks. Blogging is a way to share your expertise year round and to invite others to join in the conversation through your blog’s comments.
It was fantastic to receive an email from Dave Harrold of the AFAB Group that he was inspired to share his wisdom with us in the blogosphere. Dave has vast experience as an automation engineer, with one of Emerson’s local business partners, as a senior editor with Control Engineering magazine, and now as a freelancing writer.
Check out his maiden post, AFAB Group in now blogging and consider subscribing. I’ve also added Dave to the right-side blogroll as another member of our growing community of process automation and process industry bloggers.
As I also mentioned in the presentation, if subscribing via RSS is something foreign to you, spend five quick minutes with our RSS Starter Kit.
Now, back to catching up!

Posted Monday, October 9th, 2006 under Event.


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