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Setting the Record Straight on Emerson and Wireless Standards

Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief for CONTROL magazine, has been closely reporting wireless technology and associated standards efforts in his Sound Off!!! blog. Some recent posts include:

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What about Wireless HART?
Are SP100 and HART Wireless Back on Track? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!
More Emerson Wireless
Bob Karshnia, from Emerson, speaks out on wireless
Emerson Declares Wireless…is it war?
Bill Morrison, Emerson Process Management Group’s Director of Worldwide Marketing Communication responded to several of these which Walt posted in today’s Emerson Speaks Out on Wireless! post.
A key point which Bill makes is:

Like several of our peers in the HART Working Group, we enthusiastically pursue the development of a standard. We openly share learnings gained from our trials with the Working Group. In fact, nearly 5 months ago (December, 2005), Emerson posted an open letter to the HART Foundation pledging our commitment to the donation of IP in an effort to further the standard. Our commitment to collaborate on a standard is clear, demonstrated through action.

I happened to be in the very first meeting where the OPC communications standard initiative was kicked off in the mid ’90s. Our technology organization took the lead as master editor of version 1.0 of the specification. Obviously the commitment in time, energy and expense for participation on these standards bodies would not happen without Emerson’s commitment to seeing these open, interoperable standards become reality.

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