RSS and Efficient Information Collection Coming Quickly

For those who have seen some of my prior posts, you know I’ve been harping on why I think RSS (really simple syndication) is great.
Last Friday, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7) blog confirmed that we will all be receiving IE7 with embedded RSS capabilities this month via automation update (dribble downloads as I call them.) As a friend in Switzerland reminds me, that is, unless your nefarious IT organization blocks this and allows this update only when they are good and ready (2009 he estimates!)
For both a presentation I gave to the Houston American Marketing Association and another at last week’s Emerson Exchange, I showed a video clip of how easy it is to subscribe to an RSS feed using IE7. Since 87% of this month’s visitors use Internet Explorer, take a look. For those 11% who use Firefox (which already handles RSS) feel free to ignore this whole post.
RSSInIE7Outlook7Basically, this video describes me subscribing to the DeltaV News feed using IE7, shows how the RSS feed is in readable form, and shows how to easily subscribe to the feed. Finally it shows how it’s integrated with Outlook 2007 if you prefer to read your RSS feeds and RSS search feed posts as you would emails. This is my preferred way, since it’s the application I spend the most time with, and the RSS posts (the full text feed ones) can be read offline.

Posted Friday, October 13th, 2006 under Miscellaneous.


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