Safety Compliance for European Chemical Manufacturers

I recently heard a presentation from one of our Chemical industry experts, Peter Cox, an Operations Consultant based in our Emerson Belgium office. Peter spent 14 years with BASF in various engineering and management positions before joining Emerson.
One of the key issues European Union chemical manufacturers are facing is that they ensure compliance with the SEVESO II Directive released in 2005 (COMAH in the United Kingdom.)
The guidelines were named after an industrial accident which occurred in Seveso, Italy in 1976.
The directive states the requirement for a mandatory review to prove compliance with the safety regulations at least every five years for every plant in the European Union and U.K which falls under these directives.
In an earlier post I discussed how Emerson safety experts are helping process manufacturers use the IEC 61511 performance-base safety standards to address these safety regulations.
Peter believes that Chemical manufacturers must take a holistic look at the safety lifecycle from risk identification, to the classification of these risks, to the design of the safety function, through the ongoing maintenance and testing of these safety functions.
Emerson is helping Chemical manufacturers in this area with safety expertise and smart safety instrumented system technologies.

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