Ramping Up with a Foundation Fieldbus Tutorial

by | Nov 17, 2006 | Services, Consulting & Training | 0 comments

For those like me who were college educated in the pre-internet, pre-Google days you can really appreciate how access to information required for learning has gotten easier. With a Google search bar and some quiet time, you can become conversational on nearly any topic in a few minutes and on the road to being an expert with some more time. There is no way we could learn this quickly in the days of libraries and books.

I bring this up because Terry Blevins, co-author of the Modeling and Control blog, and Emerson’s Marcos Peluso have made their “best of” Foundation Fieldbus tutorial presentations available over on the EasyDeltaV.com website. This tutorial is covered in 12 parts from a very basic Fieldbus Overview to Advanced Functionality. The presentation series includes:

  • Fieldbus Overview
  • Justifying Fieldbus
  • Example Applications
  • Installation of Fieldbus
  • Devices Available
  • Fieldbus Standard
  • Fieldbus Communication
  • Fieldbus Function Blocks
  • Fieldbus Diagnostics
  • Fieldbus EDDL
  • HSE Fieldbus
  • Advanced Fieldbus

As technologists, Terry and Marcos have created a presentation series which more deeply explores the workings of Foundation fieldbus. This series complements the modules in PlantWeb University in the Foundation fieldbus section in the way an advanced class complements the introductory class.

If you happen to be searching around for information on Foundation Fieldbus and happen upon this blog post, enjoy the fact how quickly you can get conversational or become a true expert based on the time you spend following some of the links.

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