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Technologies and Expertise for Optimizing Plant Assets

The ARC Advisory Group’s Wil Chin has an industry trends report published today on Emerson’s Asset Optimization group. The report, Emerson Asset Optimization Division Enhances Solutions, looks at the technologies and expertise this plant asset management (PAM) space. I’ve added hyperlinks in some of the quotes where more information is available.

In the area of plant connectivity with business systems the reports states:

…the Asset Optimization Division continues to add AMS Device Manager connection options to simplify the implementation of PAM solutions, such as wireless device connectivity, Profibus/HART interfaces, and motor starters and drives solutions.

Wireless smart field devices, a growing area of interest, is described:

…wireless field devices based on the soon to be released WirelessHART standard, which is now supported by virtually all automation systems and field device suppliers. ARC believes wireless field devices provide a low-cost conduit for accessing stranded diagnostic information to enable PAM solutions, and it is a low risk first step for manufacturers to experience wireless technology.

The wealth of diagnostics from smart field devices can take some thought on how to incorporate because:

…users struggled with updating hard-to-change maintenance practices despite their best intentions. Because the plant workforce is multitasking to the max, few available resources could be applied to the implementation and management of new technologies and best practices. PlantWeb Services were introduced to help clients get the most out of PAM investments.

Asset prioritization was one of the services cited:

…users want to know which of the asset health alerts are critical, ranked in importance to the performance goals of the enterprise. Asset Prioritization provides a systematic methodology combined with the domain experience of Emerson’s professionals to quickly prioritize assets into a Maintenance Priority Index (MPI). The index is determined in a six step process that considers business criteria, asset criticality, operational criticality, probability factors and others to determine the MPI.

Machinery health was a final area described in the report:

Machinery Health Management solutions consisting of high-end portable machinery health analyzers, machinery health transmitters, machinery health monitors and machinery performance monitors, which all integrate with the AMS Suite predictive diagnostics application, including to Emerson’s Ovation and DeltaV control systems.

The combination of technologies to monitor the production process assets combined with experts who can work with process manufacturers to incorporate this diagnostic information into work practices provides a way to improve performance.

Posted Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 under Asset Management, Industrial IoT.

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