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Helping to Manage and Better Understand Your Process Variability

It is great to see the area of Emerson Process Management website on variability management services updated. I received a heads up from Bill Tjoa who manages the marketing efforts for this and other consulting programs.

On the right-side navigation, the site links to the variability management posts we’ve done here at Emerson Process Experts. With the addition of these posts, the pages provide a nice blend of services, stories and whitepapers of the people who perform these services, seminar topics/dates/locations, and tools like the Emerson Entech toolkit.

Over the past couple of years, more and more resources have become available to help you better understand ways to deal with process variability.

Over at the blog, Greg and Terry share the ins and outs in controlling a process given deadtimes, disturbances, non-linearities, and all the other challenges automation engineers face. You can learn from their practical experiences and apply it in your manufacturing processes.

In the educational services area, I’ve been pointing to John Egnew’s Loop Tips on practical tips to improve loop performance.

Over here, we’ve shown a screencast how newer technologies automatically learn the dynamics of your process.

And with the variability management consultants, you have experienced folks who can help apply their expertise to help you reduce variability. Better controlling this variability can yield operational improvements and quantified business results like those chronicled in an earlier post:

The columns achieved 100% of design production 5 days after James first arrived and nearly another 20% after a total of 7 days.

We’ll continue to look for opportunities to share their stories here.

Posted Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 under Services, Consulting & Training.

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