Getting Web 2.0 Presentations Ready and Proposed Twitter Tags

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I’ll close this week on a lighter note after the earlier FUD post. I’ve been working on my keynote presentation for the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit and pushing to have it done today. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the audience is sales and marketing folks with the numerous automation suppliers that serve manufacturers as well as members of the automation trade press. If you come across this post and are in this audience, come join us!

I thought this presentation could follow some of the ideas Deb Franke and I will discuss in our Emerson Exchange presentation, Feeding that Inner Geek. As I thought about it, the focus is very different. Both will discuss the myriad of social media applications dubbed Web 2.0. But the focus for the Emerson Exchange presentation is about the different ways you have to share your interests and expertise.

For the automation sales and marketing community, it’s more about how we might consider doing what we do differently.

I think the result of automation professionals sharing their interests and expertise and sales and marketing professionals listening and participating better through many of these Web 2.0 applications will make everyone more effective at what they do. And perhaps have even a little more fun along the way.

Enough procrastinating, I need to get back and finish this presentation. Before I do, one last thing… For those going to the ISA Marketing and Sales Summit, I propose we use a Twitter tag #ISAMSS and for the Emerson Exchange, I propose we use #EmEx. This will help anyone at these two event who use Twitter to follow what others are posting. It’s also a great way to share your current location and propose impromptu meetups, like at the hotel lobby bar.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take the first steps by watching the Twitter in Plain English video and getting a Twitter account. Then connect with me by going to and click follow. I’ll get notified and follow you in return. If you use these tags during either or both events, you’ll be amazed how others will start follow what you have to say.

Update: You can follow the Twitter posts at the Emerson Exchange by using this search: and/or subscribing to the RSS feed: If we can get enough folks sharing their thoughts with Twitter and tagging their posts with #EmEx , then even if you’re not able to join us, you can get still get perspectives on what’s happening.

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